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Lake Pest Control

Residents of The Villages Count on Lake Pest Control for Extermination and Termite Treatments

The Villages in sunny Florida is the epitome of a beautiful community, but that doesn't mean homes and businesses in the area are immune to Florida's usual suspects: termites, coach roaches, spiders, and other pests that invade our homes and yards – even the most beautiful and pristine residential and commercial spaces.

A regular pest control service and reliable termite inspections or treatments can guard your home, possessions and your general peace of mind.


Pest Control - Residential and commercial pest control services are provided in the following options: one-time appointments, bi-monthly visits, or quarterly services. We provide well-rounded inspection and extermination, including indoor and outdoor pest treatments for ant, flea and tick control, roach extermination, rodent control, and more. We also provide lawn and ornamental services.

Termite Treatments - Our staff is expertly trained to handle termite control and extermination. Whether you're encountering telltale termite signs (like wood rot, bits or flakes, dead insects, or other signs), or whether you just want to be assured that termites are not invading your property – the Lake Pest Control team can help.

Schedule a Pest Control Service or Termite Treatment in The Villages Today...

We're a small company, and that's good news for Villages residents. We have the capacity to offer expert, dedicated, personalized attention, providing you with the trusted services or a tight-knit, neighborhood-oriented team – not the hurried checklist of a corporate pest control company.

Contact us to start a relationship with our trusted company, and schedule the service of your choice today: 352-516-6971