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Lake Pest Control

Commercial and Residential Extermination Service in Leesburg, FL

Lake Pest Control is a commercial and residential extermination service in Leesburg and throughout Lake County, FL, specializing in affordable pest control and termite treatment. North-Central Florida is home to a variety of species of pests such as red ants, spiders, mice, rats and bats, to name a few.

While many pests may seem to be just an annoyance, they can carry bacteria and diseases that can be a health hazard for pets, small children, the elderly and sensitive individuals. Having an effective and affordable extermination service in Leesburg, FL that rids your home and business of rodents and other pests is your first line of defense for maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

Pest Control

We believe quality pest control should be affordable, convenient and effective. For the convenience of our residential and business customers throughout Lake County, we offer one- time appointments for a single extermination treatment as well as monthly and bi-weekly schedules for routine pest control.Ā  Our pest control service includes both indoor and outdoor spraying, ant, flea and tick and roach extermination, and sweeping window frames, soffits and overhangs. An optional and highly recommended lawn pest control is also available.

Termite Treatment

The hot and humid climate here in Leesburg and Lake County, FL, is very conducive for attracting termites. Termites are a big problem and become an even bigger problem if not eradicated from your home or business. A small army invades your structure from tiny cracks and crevices in the walls and foundation. They feast on wood and organic material eating structures from the inside out. If left untreated, the armies of termites will grow into the tens of thousands where their damage eventually becomes noticeable. We use TermidorĀ®, which is the most effective termite treatment currently available. Once eradicated, our termite control service will continue to defend your property against future termite infestations.


To schedule commercial or residential extermination service in Leesburg, FL, contact us at 352-516-6971 today! We proudly serve all communities throughout Lake County, FL.