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Lake Pest Control

Regular Pest Control Service Protects Eustis Property Owners from Infestations

Regardless of how clean a home may appear to be, pests can still find their way in. While some homeowners use a spray when insects are spotted, that does not eliminate the source of the infestation. In fact, chances are that insect colonies have already spread around the home. With regular pest control, Eustis area homeowners can live in a pest free environment.

For more than a decade, we have been providing quality pest control services to residential and commercial customers in Eustis and neighboring communities.  Our expert technicians conduct a thorough visual inspection of the property for pests to identify the proper treatment and eliminate them where they enter, live and breed.

At Lake Pest Control, our priority is to protect Eustis area property owners from all types of pests and infestations.  We care about the environment too and all of the products we use are registered with the EPA.  Contact us today at (352) 516-6971 to schedule an appointment.