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Pest Extermination Service in Eustis, FL in Demand due to Unusually Warm Winter Spikes

An unusually warm winter in the Central Florida area has resulted in many homeowners contacting pest extermination companies in Eustis, FL to get rid of the ever-multiplying bugs and their infestation. It’s like a never ending summer and the unusually warm weather has caught many homeowners by surprise who are not used to seeing these types of pests in the winter.

During warmer winters, bugs reproduce rapidly and live longer. Moreover, almost all species of bugs thrive during this season. Deadly species of bugs such as the triatomine bug thrives in warm weather, according to reports released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Commonly known as “kissing bugs” because they typically bite around the mouth and face, some triatomine bugs are infected with the potentially dangerous Chagas Disease. The disease is one of the deadliest pest-related illnesses in the world. Once infected, victims are likely to suffer from chronic heart diseases. However, not all triatomine bugs are infected with Chagas.

The fact that no cases have been reported to the CDC does not mean that triatomine bugs are not present in the community. Chagas Disease can go unnoticed for years, or even decades, making it especially difficult to diagnose the disease. It is only diagnosed when someone begins to suffer the heart problems commonly associated with the disease. Because certain species of bugs can have profound effects on their victims, Floridians are advised to adopt recommended preventive measures even though no cases have been reported. Preventive measures include pest extermination.

According to the CDC, the first thing homeowners should do when they notice bug infestations during this unusually warm winter is to call a pest exterminator. Due to their knowledge and skills, exterminators can easily control a large number of bugs. Their efficient methods ensure the extermination of all bugs even after the end of the unusually warm winter period where they tend to leave their eggs behind. Lake Pest Control provides Eustis and the entire Central Florida community with safe and effective pest extermination services.

In addition to contacting pest control companies, homeowners should take other precautions. Such measures include plastering cracks to prevent bugs from gathering in or near their homes and screening doors and windows. Those who have pets should ensure their pet’s resting areas are thoroughly cleaned to discourage indoor bugs from using these places as their hideouts.

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